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Adware Punisher is an award winning Anti-Spyware Software created by Nelroy LTD to provide the complete solution to the Internet's most fearsome threat. Developed and thoroughly tested for more than 4 years, Adware Punisher is the most technologically advanced Anti-Spyware tool on the Web today.

Our Mission

Nelroy LTD innovative and fundamentally perfected security solutions for internet users. Trusted by an astounding amount of home users, as well as some of the world’s largest hi-tech companies, the Adware Punisher program is the ultimate Anti-Spyware tool available online today.

The Danger

After years of development and methodical testing, Nelroy LTD proudly presents the answer to the Internet's latest threat – the Spyware (on its different forms, shapes and names- Adware, Malware, Keyloggers, Browser Hijackers, Worms, Hacker Tools, PC Parasites, Trojan Horses, Spy Programs and Trackware) are the dangers of the new era. After viruses became extinct by vigorous Anti-Virus software, today’s sneaky advertising world revealed its ugly head once again after the fraud of Spyware infections had been exposed.

Protect Yourself

Adware Punisher is the program to ever propose the parallel solution to an Anti-Virus program by offering complete annihilation of the pest, as well as Firewall-like live prevention with ISG's unique and revolutionary technology – the Spywall©. Your security will be automatically restored with one ultimate program that provides you with the cure, as well as the vaccination.

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